David (Dave) Noe:

Dave’s last name is pronounced, No’-ee.

Dave is the co-founder of InDELLible Comics, along with EIC, Jim Ludwig. He is primarily the story editor, as well as script contributor to the many titles. Although he tends to prefer writing about the Golden Age characters, he has delved into Silver Age characters, and has created several new characters, as well. Having grown up in the Bronze Age of comics, his writing style tends to emulate that period the most.

He has several novels and collections available on amazon under the name David Noe.

Born in 1965 in California, Dave’s family soon moved back to the family farm in NW Missouri. He has been a rural guy ever since, farming and building and raising way too many cats. Dave has two lovely daughters and one lovely wife. The girls have grown up and moved out. The wife is still there. Dave manages and owns mobile homes and apartments, as well as runs a water/wastewater district and works in maintenance at a convalescent center. He is also remodeling a building in his spare time (HA!).

Dave’s early writing influences are as diverse as Douglas Adams and Jasper Fforde and Stan Lee and Roger McKenzie and James Herriot and James Thurber and Jack Douglas and Kurt Vonnegut Jr. and many others.

His books can be found here: You can find genres as wide ranging as humor and horror and hero and pulp and poetry and short stories and children’s books and comics and fantasy and western and even a nonfiction book.


Born in PA in 1957, I was raised in generational rural poverty. My family becoming Christian in 1971 played a big part in getting us out of it by making us different and better people. Not perfect by any means I quit school in 1974 and went in the Army a few months later.

I used my GI BILL benefits to provide myself with a college education. I went from high school drop out to high school teacher. I taught science, but mostly math, for 32 years until retirement.

I had a cousin whose dad was a coal miner. To us she was rich. She did not collect comics she just read them. She began to give them to me and Adventure Comics with the Legion of Super Heroes hooked me for life. I got an addiction that has lasted since I was seven years old. Yes it has cost me a lot of money, but it has brought me a lot of enjoyment.

Comics have made me a lot of friends. Through the love of comics InDELLible Comics was born. Some friends were found and made through the Charlton revival by Charlton Arrow. With Charlton revived, on the Dell Heroes Facebook page, Steve Rino suggested I bring back Dell Comics. Well I have made a lot more friends through InDELLible and we have put out some great books.