Founded in 2016, IC produces high quality comics and short story collections that appeal to a wide audience from early teens on up. We focus on anthologies and short stories that are not continued into the next issue, and on creator owned projects.

Our anthologies are usually oversized (magazine sized), full color with cardstock paper covers, and are always available and “in stock” on amazon.

Our inspiration originated from the now defunct Dell Comics, a comic book publisher that operated for several decades and left behind a bunch of public domain and orphaned characters. From that, we expanded to other PD characters and even many original characters in all genres.

All-New Popular Comics #1 and #2 and #3- An anthology featuring multiple genres from superhero, fantasy, western, humor, horror and more! (comic book stories)

InDELLiprose- Short stories featuring many characters once published by Dell and all new ones, too! (text prose and poetry). Each story has at least one illustration from the talented artists at InDELLible Comics.

Cartoon Cuties #1 and #2- A world where anthropomorphic animals live side-by-side with humans. By Rock Baker! There is also a short story collection for a deeper dive into Baker's Cutiverse.

Tales From the Tomb Special #1- Tales of horror in the indubitable InDELLible style!

House of Spades #1- Enter the new lair of ghostly haunts in this all new horror anthology... if you dare!

Fleeta and the Goblin Queen- Fleeta finally gets her own comic after being a sidekick at Dell. Primarily written and drawn by Marvin Mann, with a little help from David Noe and Tyne Delwiche.

There are many projects in the works and will be coming out soon.